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We all have a story...

Write It Up!


Learn the tricks of the trade and have some fun with a Write It Up! creative workshop.

Advance your writing skills and learn how to:

  • Create original ideas
  • Work past writers' block
  • Use tense and voice to enhance your piece
  • Edit your own and other people's work
  • Write a cover letter to a publisher
  • Discover your audience


  • Develop characters
  • Construct plot
  • Write realistic dialogue


  • Write and recognise different styles of poetry
  • Use rhyme well
    • Learn about full, half, near and internal rhyme
    • Learn about onomatopoeia and assonance
  • Compose in metre or free verse.

Workshop can be held as a "once-off" or as a complete series.

Write It Up! workshops are designed for both children or adults.