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My Works

My Works


Posted on December 15, 2015 at 5:05 AM

She chattered like a little bubbling brook

Young Lover’s Love, found such a joy had she

To share her heart with every breath she took

As her Beloved listened, rapturedly


Young Love grew big and learned to listen well

Beloved too had many things to say

Together countless stories they would tell

She promised it would always be this way


Young Love grew full with day to day routine

Too many moments passed with words unsaid

Then crying when she saw how long had been

And wondered why it happened once again


Young Love grew brave and gave up all her fears

Beloved then would whisper to her soul

Through every doubt He always would be near

Though she would falter He would not let go


Young Love grew wise and talked without pretence

Such secrets her Beloved always knew

They talked away the hours with pure nonsense

As many time-old friends will often do


Young Love grew still

-and sat in silent bliss

For all the earthly wealth she’d not exchange

She knew there was no better place than this

Young Love had found a Love that did not age


© Jo Sarah Stanford 2015


Categories: Poetry